Countryside Pet Resort & Spa

Offering Premium Dog & Cat Boarding, Doggie Day Care, Professional All-Breed Pet Grooming and more.....

The Original and Still the Finest PET RESORT in Southwest Michigan!
Rated #1 Resort & Spa in Southwest Michigan Multiple Times!
Experience the difference! Since 1967

We Cater to the Spoiled Pets!

We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of you, and our talented team!


Countryside Pet Resort and Spa

We understand that being away from your pet can be hard, especially if your pet requires special diets, special medications or anything else.   We assure you your pet will receive all that is needed with proper care and strict attention. 

NO OTHER FACILITY OFFERS THE HUGE OUTDOOR YARDS THAT EVERY PET HAS ACCESS TO WHEN VACATIONING WITH US AT COUNTRYSIDE!!  There are so many things that set Countryside apart from the other options!  Come visit us and find out for yourself!

Countryside offers a comfortable, loving environment where pets feel right at home. You may board for just one night, a week or longer.  We have great discounts for multiple pets and longer stays.

A Family Owned Business
Spanning Over Three Generations

Countryside Pet Resort & Spa, and the Wieda/Altman familyhave been serving Zeeland / Holland and the South West Michigan area for generations through the ownership and management of the Wieda/Altman/Walker family.  

We are now in our third (going on fourth) generation as a family owned pet care provider.  We pride ourselves in making your pet feel at home when you’re away!

Once you step through our doors at Countryside Pet Resort & Spa, your experience will begin with a smile, a friendly face, and when you leave, you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing your pet was in loving and caring hands.

Our mission is to be the finest full service pet resort offering your pet Complete Comfort & Compassion never compromising your pets Safety!

Our Services


With A Focus on Safety & Well-being, here at Countryside Pet Resort & Spa  we take note of your pet’s special needs and we monitor each guest all through the day. 

All of Countryside’s staff is thoroughly trained so you can feel assured that your pet will receive the very best care under any circumstances.  We offer Online reservation requests for boarding for New Clients or quick reservations for our Returning Clients.


Here at the Resort we offer a great outlet to expend excess energy, socialize, and remain a healthy active pet.  At day care, day boarding or as a boarding VIP there is never a dull moment and our schedule is packed with fun and activities. 

Our team of loving animal caregivers attends to the needs of all our guests throughout the entire day.  Book Day Care Online!



When you look your best, you will always feel better. The same goes for your pet.  We offer complete grooming services for your pet so they can look and feel their very best.

Our Resort offers a full-service salon where your well-cared for pet will be pampered, either while staying with us as a guest, or when just dropping in for a spa day.  Please, CALL US to Book Salon Reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, reservations are required for all of our services. It’s beneficial to reserve your pet’s stay as far ahead of your desired dates as possible. During holiday periods, spring break, summer and weekends, we often fill up several weeks even months in advance. To make a reservation you can call a Reservation Specialist, or request a reservation online using one of the following forms:

​ New (1st Visit) Customer Reservations or Existing (Returning) Customer Reservations

Check-in time is anytime during our business hours, but we do like to have at least 30 minutes before our closing time to make sure we have all the information on you and your pet as we need. We do require that arriving cats be inside a carrier, and that all dogs arriving be on a leash or in a carrier.

We pride ourselves in exceptional care. Therefore we look forward to speaking with you and learning about your pet(s). To save time at check-in you can email or bring with you to check-in your pets current vaccination records. Please see the Contact and Reservations page for additional information regarding all the information that is needed prior to your pet’s stay! Check Out Time is 11am If you check out by 11am Monday through Saturday you will not be charged for that day. If your pet departs with a bath on the day out you will have an extended check-out time till Noon. Sunday check-outs always pay for the full day.

Once a reservation is confirmed, we reserve a room for each of our guests. Cancellation policy is 7 days before their drop off date to change or cancel their reservation for no charge during Holidays and busy summer weekends. If you don’t give the 7 days notice you will be charged for the days you reserved. If it is during spring break, we require 14 days prior to the drop off date to change or cancel without being charged for all the days you reserved. We require a deposit with a current credit card on file for any holiday or spring break during these busy times.

Yes, for the health and safety of your pet(s) as well as our other guests and staff we will need to verify that the following vaccinations are current. (If you’re visiting southeastern section of Michigan, please be sure we have verification of your pet’s vaccinations prior to your arrival.)

For Dogs:
Rabies, Distemper and Parvovirus: (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, and parainfluenza per your veterinarian’s protocol, might be listed as DHPP or DHLPP on your pet’s medical record when administered as a combination vaccine.) Bordetella: (6 month or 1 year vaccine accepted) Bordatella prevents against some strains of Canine Cough and Countryside does everything possible to reduce the risk of your pet getting Canine Cough. However, the vaccine does not prevent against all strains, and just like the human flu, there is always a risk when in an environment with many dogs. Negative Fecal tests are required along with current vaccines listed. 

For Cats:
Rabies, FVRCP

Yes and no: though dogs that have not been spayed or neutered (except for puppies less than 9 months of age) may not be able to participate in our doggie dome group play, they can still have a great time playing privately with a member of our staff. We do not accept non-neutered cats.

Except for wolf hybrids, who we’ve found don’t do well in our lodging environment, there are no breeds that are not welcome at Countryside Pet Resort.

Yes, you’re welcome to bring up to 2 items you think may help your pet be more comfortable during their stay. Each guest will receive a premium cot and blanket to sleep with during their stay. Please no afghans, comforters, sheets, or towels. Absolutely no glass, or ceramic bowls, dishes, or containers. Countryside is not responsible for any lost or destroyed items, so please bring only items that your pet will not miss if lost or disposed of during their visit. 

We ask that the provided food brought in for a boarding stay is pre-portioned into individual baggies. If food is not portioned at the time of check in, there will be a $10 service fee per dog charged to the boarding stay. All pre-bagged portions must contain the last name & pet name of that guest. We also have a refrigerator and microwave in case there are any special dietary requirements.

Yes, our staff is familiar with administering most supplements and medications. Dietary supplements are generally given as part of the feeding routine. Medications are handled separately with stricter processes and there is a small additional charge per administration. We do also do insulin injections but we do have a higher administering charge for those injections.

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